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The Hipster Biker

For the most part Portlandia sucks however there are a few exceptions, one of those being the bike segment.  It is spot on.  This guy is on every corner in Portland and he is a grade A douchebag. “Cars, man, WHHHYYYY!!!!??”
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Drunk Again

“Doesn’t look like Frank is gonna be able to make it home again.  Let’s just put this cone right here to keep him safe.”
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Got Needles?

Your city might have a problem if you have to put sharps disposal canisters all over the waterfront. Not for the diabetes. Can you say heroin problem? More like #portlandproblems
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The No Pants Subway Dance

It is that time of the year again.  The time where the people of Portland need to find the strangest way possible to express themselves.  That’s right.  It is time to take your pants off and ride the MAX. The “The No Pants Subway Ride” will be held on January 10th, 2016.  For details check… View Article
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Max Train Floods on Halloween

The struggle is real for trick or treaters in the Northwest.  Halloween 2015 marked the wettest day in Portland in 4 years with over 2 inches of rainfall in just twenty four hours.  So in the city of roses weather like this usually means one thing:  Public Transit Failure. Basically it just flooded everywhere: #happyhalloween… View Article
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Oh Portland…

Goat on a Car
Does it get any more Portland than this? A squatter on the roof of a house he has been living in for free for months and a goat on top of a car to support his cause.  WTF Portland you are so damn weird. Read the article on Weed Week here:
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